What we all can do to make our family happier

There is atmosphere all around. We feel it, we breathe it, we live in it. Is it air or is it aura? There are differences in the air inside our homes. Sometimes it is heavy and very thick. In order to breathe in here we must keep our head down and be very careful or […]

Will you be Remembered?

Where will you be in ten years? How about twenty? Where will your family be? How will you be remembered when you are gone? It is a good idea to start a family “album”. This could be videos or pictures or writings. One of the easiest ways to do this is to write things that […]

Holiday Depression

It is not just the blahs when we are depressed during the holidays. The season itself is part of the cause of our feelings. The calendar is working against us as it reminds us of sadness and our loss. Why are you depressed this holiday season? It may help to share it with me. It […]

3 simple ways to make your husband happy

Yes, you can make your husband happy. He isn’t hat complicated he is just a little different. Here are the three main areas for you to focus your efforts. The first and the simplest way to make your man happy, is with food. Maybe you have heard that the way to a man’s heart is […]